Mary Shelley’s “Tea Party”

I’m sure that most people are familiar with the story of Frankenstein. A scientist, Victor Frankenstein, gets inspired to harness the power of electricity to reanimate a corpse. Though successful in his efforts, his creation proves to be a devastating scourge to Frankenstein and his loved ones. Call me strange but this story reminds me of the tragic tale of the Republican party and their devilishly destructive monstrosity, the Tea Party. Much like the story, the GOP’s “fiend” has been rejected by conventional, more moderate conservatives which has caused the “vile insect” to grow violent and angry, causing destruction to … Continue reading Mary Shelley’s “Tea Party”

Keep Kids Off Apps

The morning hike from Montgomery to Tallassee would be a most arduous commute if it wasn’t for my trusty NPR station. Aside from getting the latest in national and world news, there’s always something on the program that makes me scratch my head. This week, tech giant Apple has agreed to refund $32 million to parents whose children downloaded apps without their parent’s knowledge or consent. Anyone who owns an Apple product knows that when you download an app you have to put in a password to confirm you actually want the app your purchasing. However, when mom downloads a … Continue reading Keep Kids Off Apps

The Hall

You will likely see many a baseball column come from my hand during baseball season as, to me, there are few things as wonderful to write about. I’d like to start by offering congratulations to the Cooperstown Class of 2014. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas more than deserve the honor for their excellence on the diamond. Maddux, sometimes called “Mad Dog” or “The Professor”, was the first pitcher to win four Cy Young awards in consecutive seasons and is one of only 10 pitchers to achieve both 300 wins and 3,000 strikeouts. Glavine won two Cy Young awards … Continue reading The Hall

Back In The Swing Of Things

If you haven’t taken a moment to breathe in the air around you, or let the sun rest on your skin for a second, you may have missed it. Baseball season is coming! Though few can allege to get as excited about this time of year as I do, there’s just something in the air that refreshes the soul. After the cold and dark of Winter, baseball season springs from the Earth like a beautiful and powerful geyser to reawaken the senses. All around you are fathers and sons trading the wisdom of the ages during a game of catch. … Continue reading Back In The Swing Of Things

On-Call for Christmas

While local families are enjoying Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts, the men and women charged with protecting Tallassee are still on the job. “It’s just like a regular day,” said Police Chief Jimmy Rodgers. “One of the things you grow to accept when you get into this profession is that you’re going to have to sacrifice time away from the family.” According to Rodgers, the Christmas season generally results in an increase of property related crimes such as breaking and entering or shoplifting. “The criminal element is always looking for an opportunity,” Rodgers said. “And this time of year, when … Continue reading On-Call for Christmas

The Joys of Journalism

When I finished high school, I never gave much thought to going to college. I was a musician and I thought any day some big wig from California was going to hear my band and give me a million dollars and send me singing around the world. At any rate, I wound up at college all the same as a Music Education major playing saxophone in the marching band. It didn’t take long before I knew there was no way I was going to spend four years sweating and walking in circles on football fields. So, I began thumbing through … Continue reading The Joys of Journalism